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View Trace API usage

The IBM Food Trust™ Membership module allows you to view metrics about your organization's Trace API call usage. As shown in the screenshots below, data points include the total and daily number of API calls used by your organization. Authorized users can also change your organization's monthly allowance of API calls.

Membership module

Select the Membership module from the main menu:

Figure 1. Membership module
Membership Module


The Membership page displays your organization's membership and subscription details. Under the Trace module, select the Trace API call usage link:

Figure 2. Trace API call usage link
Trace API call link

Trace API calls

The total (monthly) and daily Trace API calls for your organization are displayed:

Figure 3. Trace API calls
Trace API calls

Add Trace API calls

To add Trace API calls to your account, return to the Membership page for your organization and click Manage Subscription:

Figure 4. Add Trace API calls
Trace API calls