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Upload test data

IBM Food Trust™ allows authorized users to upload test data, which can then be deleted by IBM Food Trust support upon request. The XML message test namespace header identifies the data as test data.

Test namespace

As opposed to production namespace data, test namespace data is not written to the IBM Food Trust blockchain. However, test namespace data is fully available to authorized users through all IBM Food Trust UI and API interfaces. Test namespace data therefore enables complete testing of user scenarios and generates the same results and user experience as production namespace data.

Attention: Test namespace data is not isolated from production namespace data within the user experience context. Test namespace data can therefore reference production namespace data, and vice versa, for testing purposes. Your organization must therefore adopt and communicate to users methods for identifying test data and differentiating it from production data.

To use a test namespace, the IFT-Test-Namespace header must be added to the REST API request for any data uploaded to IBM Food Trust. The IFT-Test-Namespace header value will be the name of the specified test namespace. If the namespace value does not already exist, IBM Food Trust will create it.

How it works

The following details summarize test namespace usage:

  • A test namespace can be used to delineate test data from production data.
  • A test namespace does not isolate test data from production data.
  • The IFT-Test-Namespace header is used to write data to a test namespace.
  • Each namespace name must be unique and identify your organization, such as<orgId>.test1.
  • Multiple test namespaces can be created.
  • Test namespaces are not supported for Fresh Insights data.
  • Test namespaces and test data can be deleted by the IBM Food Trust support team upon request, through an IBM Food Trust support ticket.
  • You must record and save the names of all test namespaces used in order to reference them in a delete request.
  • Test namespaces can be defined ONLY through REST API calls. Identifying test namespace data is not supported via UI data entries, spreadsheet uploads, or through the product scenarios builder.

Deleting test data

Only the IBM Food Trust support team can delete test data, upon request, through an IBM Food Trust support ticket. You must specify the IDs for the test data to be deleted.

Test data (IFT-Test-Namespace header) is not written to blockchain, which enables deletion. The data entitlement effects of deleting test data are as follows:

  1. Entitlement to specific test data is removed upon deletion of the test data.
  2. Entitlement to non-test data created by sharing test data persists upon deletion of the test data.

For data sharing details, refer to Data entitlement mode and Data access control.