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The IBM Food Trust™ Trace module enables member organizations to trace their food products along their supply chains and share that data with their authorized supply chain partners. The Trace API is also available for developers to use REST API calls to trace supply chain assets.

Add Module

To add the Trace module to your IBM Food Trust subscriptions, log in to IBM Marketplace.

How it works

The Trace module enables your organization to view, share, and take action on supply chain data, such as products, facilities, events, and transactions. Integrated supply chain data—data shared by two or more organizations—is traceable when information referencing the same product instance has been uploaded by authorized organizations. IBM Food Trust supply chain partners are therefore enabled to trace the same specific product instance, if access has been authorized by the organization that owns the data.

Trace examples include identifying a product instance that originated from a specific source location (facility), includes a specific ingredient (product or item), or has an approaching expiration date:

  • Authorized users trace a product by finding its registered GS1 or IBM Food Trust identifier, such as Product ID, Lot Number, Purchase Order Number, or Facility ID.
  • Trace results can be narrowed by specifying additional parameters, including date and time range, event type, or facility type.
  • Each organization owns its data and maintains control over which organizations can trace its data by choosing a Data access control policy and setting a Data entitlement mode when uploading data to IBM Food Trust.