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Support process

IBM Food Trust™ help is available through subscription support and self-service help. Subscription support is an IBM service provided to an organization, requires registered IBMid login, and provides online case management and chat with a live IBM representative (8-5 EST). Self-service help provides access to the IBM Food Trust self-service help resources described below.

Note: Before accessing IBM Food Trust support, you may choose to review your organization's IBM Food Trust membership plan.


Subscription support subscribers can log in directly to the IBM Food Trust support page to open a chat session or support case.

Getting started

The IBM support portal provides enhanced transparency into ticket resolution workflows for support subscribers. To get started using IBM Food Trust subscription support, log in to your organization's IBM support page. Then click Products at the top, and scroll to (or search for) the Blockchain Transparent Supply link—IBM Food Trust is an instance of IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply.

Subscription support features include:

  • Open, update and view cases
  • Attach supporting documents
  • Search case history
  • Live chat with subject matter experts (Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST)

Self-service help

The following IBM Food Trust self-service help resources are available at no additional cost. Use the links below to navigate directly to your self-service help preference, or review the usage details section below for details:

Subscription support

The following IBM Food Trust subscription support resources are available to subscribing organizations (subscribe to IBM subscription support and add registered users). Once subscribed, use the following links to navigate directly to your paid support preference, or review the usage details section below for details on any topic:

Usage details

The usage details below provide detailed information for each subscription support and self-service help option.

Subscription support usage details

The following usage details describe the subscription support options.

Subscribing to support

If your organization has not yet subscribed to IBM support, you can choose to register your organization for subscription support. Your access will show as pending until it is approved. After subscribing, make note of your ICN (IBM Customer Number). Once approved, select Blockchain Transparent Supply as the product and the Problem Area that best matches your issue.

You may choose to watch the video on using IBM support.

Customer support portal

Log in to the IBM Support Portal at with your IBMid to open and manage support cases and chat with support agents. If necessary, sign up for an IBMid.

You can also watch the IBM support video Introducing a New Customer Portal.

To request help using the support portal, send a detailed email to [email protected]

Opening a case

Users registered to an organization with a support subscription can open a case. Collaborative real-time support with IBM is available 24x7 for critical (sev 1) problems—client availability is required. Use the process described below to open a support case.

You can also watch the IBM support video on how to Open and manage cases.

The following prerequisites are required to open a case:

Once you have met the prerequisites above, use the following steps to open a support case:

  1. Sign in to the IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply support page with your registered IBMid, by clicking the identity icon in the upper right:
    Support Process

  2. Click Open a case:
    Support open case

  3. Complete the open a case form:
    Support open case form

  4. Select the severity for your case as follows; reserve Severity 1 for high or critical impact cases only:
    Severity 1 - 24 x 7 coverage U.S. Eastern Time. Reserve for system down events with a critical business impact only.
    Severity 2-4 - 24 x 5 coverage U.S. Eastern Time, Monday - Friday (excluding holidays).

  5. Provide a detailed case description, using the key words on the right: Component of Product, Problem, Steps to Reproduce, Suggestions/Answers you seek, and Expected Outcome. Product version is optional.

  6. At the bottom of the page, attach any supporting files that will help IBM Support.

  7. Add any team members to the case.

  8. Click Submit case

Live agent chat

The IBM Food Trust support team is available for live chat Monday - Friday 8-5 EST. On the IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply support page, sign in and then click Chat with Support on the lower right. Submit an initial question, and then enter "Talk to an Agent". You will be connected to an agent during support hours.

If a resolution to your question or issue cannot be reached in chat, the chat session can be converted into a support case and saved by clicking Open a Case.

Support chat

Self-service help usage details

The self-service help options, described below, are community forum, Watson chatbot, online documentation, developer zone wiki, My Notifications, IBM support portal and product page.

Community forum

The IBM Food Trust community forum is a public forum for general questions and assistance from IBM support and the IBM Food Trust user community. Sign in with your IBMid to ask a question, provide an answer, and follow topics.

ATTENTION!! The IBM Food Trust community forum is a public forum! Do not discuss or respond to any proprietary, private, personal, or sensitive information.

Note: The following videos are available for additional support community guidance:
* Video: IBM Support Community: Forums * Video: IBM Support Community: Search

Watson chatbot

Watson chatbot is an AI agent that returns IBM Cognitive Support knowledge based on submitted questions. Launch Watson chatbot by clicking the Chat with Support link on the IBM Food Trust support page. After submitting an initial question via chatbot, registered users with subscription support plans can live chat with an IBM representative.

Online documentation

IBM Food Trust online documentation provides complete solution information, including onboarding, trace, documents, and API usage details.

Developer zone wiki

The IBM Food Trust developer zone wiki contains information for developers to get started onboarding and uploading data to IBM Food Trust.

My Notifications

My Notifications delivers IBM Food Trust notices to subscribers, including security updates, outage notifications and other urgent notices, technotes, new features and functions, and product announcements. Users must register and opt in for all categories of notifications.

Product support page

Log in to IBM support with your IBMid, and click Products. Search or scroll to Blockchain Transparent Supply to launch the product page:

Support product page selection

The product support page provides the following support options:

  • Manage
  • Resources
  • Community Discussion Forum
  • Chat with the Watson chatbot

Additional resources