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Register prefixes and headquarters

Your IBM Food Trust™ organization must include registered information about your organization headquarters facility. Like all registered facilities, your headquarters will be identified primarily by its GS-1 Company Prefix (or a custom IBM Food Trust organization prefix).

Once registered, your organization prefix identifier is included in each data upload, to identify your organization as the owner of that data.

Registration methods

Use the Onboarding module to register your organization prefixes and headquarters.


Use the following procedure to register your organization prefixes and headquarters:

  1. Log in to the Onboarding module to manage your organization prefixes and headquarters.
  2. Select Onboarding.
  3. Select Organization prefixes and headquarters and then on the following page select on the left side.
  4. Click the + symbol, and then Add new facility.
  5. Add information for your organization headquarters facility:
    Figure 2. Organization prefixes and headquarters
    Company prefixes and headquarters
  6. The Facility ID can be either a GS1 identifier (GLN) or an IBM Food Trust identifier (Facility ID):
    Figure 3. GS1 identifier
    Organization prefixes and headquarters
    Figure 4. IBM Food Trust identifier
    Company prefixes and headquarters
  7. To generate an IBM Food Trust Facility ID, click Generate an IBM Food Trust location number. In this example, the value is urn:ibm:ift:location:loc:111111.hq
    Figure 5. IBM Food Trust Facility ID
    Company prefixes and headquarters

Once all of the information has been added, click Use this facility.