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The IBM Food Trust™ Onboarding module enables your organization to get started uploading data and sharing it with your supply chain partners. Once you have completed onboarding, your organization can start extracting value from IBM Food Trust through the available modules.

Add module

The Onboarding module is included by default in all IBM Food Trust membership plans. To view your IBM Food Trust subscriptions, log in to IBM Marketplace.

How it Works

To onboard your organization to IBM Food Trust, you will complete the following steps:

  1. Build your Onboarding team - Register your users and assign them to the Onboarding team member role.
  2. Add your Organization's Prefixes and headquarters - Link your GS-1 company prefixes to your headquarters facilities.
  3. Register your products - Add your products by GS-1 GTIN or IBM Food Trust identifier.
  4. Register your facilities - Add your facilities by GS-1 GLN or IBM Food Trust identifier.
  5. Build your product scenarios - Create your supply chain instances and save them as templates for uploading data in XML format.
  6. Select your Data access control policy. Your policy selection enables sharing your data with authorized supply chain partners.