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Onboarding team

The IBM Food Trust™ Onboarding team member role authorizes users in your organization to upload product data, such as supply chain events and transactions. An Account admin for your organization must create your onboarding team, which should include your supply chain experts and data integration specialists.

Before adding an Onboarding team member, ensure that they have a registered IBMid for authenticating to IBM Food Trust. Then add their name, and the email address used to register their IBMid, to the Onboarding team members page in the Onboarding module.

Onboarding data

Data that your Onboarding team members will upload include GS1, or IBM Food Trust, identifiers (IDs) for food products, ingredients, and raw materials, and also for facilities (locations), such as food processing plants, distribution centers, and warehouses. Your Onboarding team members will also upload business transaction data, such as Purchase Orders, Despatch Advice (Advanced Shipping Notice) and Receive Advice documents, and event data, such as food product Commission, Aggregation, and Transformation events. Uploading facility inspection and licensing certificates, and related documents, is also supported through the Documents module.

Getting started

Complete the following steps to build your onboarding team:

  1. Log in to IBM Food Trust as an Account admin.
  2. Select the Onboarding module from the main menu.
  3. Select Onboarding team.
  4. Click the Onboarding team member button.
  5. Add the user's email address (registered IBMid) and the user's name, and click the Add button.
  6. Select "Add" to add the user to your organization.
  7. To edit roles, select the Users module from the main menu.
  8. You can edit the assigned user roles using the pencil icon.
  9. Edit the assigned roles and click the Update this user button.
  10. You can also add a new user.

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