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Monitor network

To monitor your network, the My Network module enables your organization to manage your supply chain partners on IBM Food Trust™. Authorized users can view network activity and invite supply chain partners (Account admin role and Trace subscription required) to streamline the process of building end-to-end product traces.

About My Network

The My Network module on IBM Food Trust enables your organization's authorized users to easily view and manage your supply chain partners, including network activity. The My Network module is included with all IBM Food Trust membership plans.

Get started

To get started, select the My Network module from the main menu:

Figure 1. My Network
My Network

You can select either the Monitor my network tab or the Create & send invitations tab. To view your current IBM Food Trust network and the status of your invitations, select the Monitor my network tab:

Figure 2. My Network options
My Network options

Monitor network activity

A Status of Sharing indicates that the supply chain partner is sharing supply chain data with your organization. A Status of Invited indicates that the supply chain partner has not yet accepted your invitation to join IBM Food Trust:

Figure 3. Monitor my network
Monitor my network

Click on any organization name to view their details and recent network activity:

Figure 3a. Supply chain partner activity
Partner activity

Invite supply chain partners

Invite additional supply chain partners to join IBM Food Trust by selecting the Create and send invitations tab (Account admin role and Trace subscription required):

Figure 4. Create and send invitations Create and send invitations

Click Add organization to create an invitation for a supply chain partner. You can send only one invitation per supply chain partner:

Figure 5. Add organization
Add organization

Complete invitations for one or more supply chain partners (organizations) and click Send invitations:

Figure 6. Send invitations
Monitor my network