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Monitor activity

The IBM Food Trust™ Activity module allows your organization to view metrics about data upload and usage. As shown in the screenshots below, data points include the number of users, and the number of records written to IBM Food Trust, by your organization. The time range can be customized from the default of one week.

Activity module

Select the Activity module from the main menu:

Figure 1. Activity module
Activity module

Module details

The Activity panel displays usage, data upload, and product activity and facilities information, which can be sorted by your preferred time range. To view additional details, click on any graph.

Figure 2. Four main activity modules
Activity module main

Data usage panel

The Data usage panel displays activity for users and trace execution.

Figure 3. Activity module usage
Activity module usage

Data upload panel

The Data upload panel displays usage information for your organization, including the number of records uploaded to IBM Food Trust and a comparison of data uploads by type. 

Figure 4. Activity data upload module
Activity module data


The Facility panel displays the number of registered facilities, which can be filter by the preferred time range.

Figure 5. Product activity and facilities
Activity module product