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IBM Food Trust™ offers the following modules (applications), by subscription. Each module provides a unique supply chain network solution for member organizations. To join IBM Food Trust and subscribe to modules, please visit IBM Food Trust on IBM Marketplace.

Activity module - Monitor your organization's IBM Food Trust activity, including data added, user logins, and pallets shipped.

Data module - Upload and view your organization's products and facilities and data access control policy.

Data Entry Forms module - Upload event data for combinations of harvest, transformation, pack, ship and receive events.

Documents module - Upload, view, and manage your organization's documents, view documents shared with your organization, and share documents with other organizations.

Home module - View statistical information about your organization's IBM Food Trust usage, logins, and uploads.

Membership module - View and modify your organization's IBM Food Trust membership plan and module subscriptions.

My Network module - View and manage your organization's supply chain partners, invite new partners to join IBM Food Trust, view shared data, and streamline the process to build an end-to-end product trace.

Onboarding module - Add your organization's users, products, facilities and select a data access control policy. Create product supply chain scenarios to facilitate the onboarding process.

Trace module - Trace your organization's food products along your supply chains, from farm to store, and share data with authorized organizations.

Users module - Manage and modify your organization's users, including assigning roles and authorizing network activity.