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Manage documents

The IBM Food Trustâ„¢ Documents module enables your organization to upload, view and share documents, such as facility certificates and audit reports. You can search the Document library for your organization by selecting variables such as the owning organization, facility, document type, and expiration date.

Getting started

To launch the module, expand the IBM Food Trust main menu and select Documents:

Figure 1. Main menu
Menu selection

Document library

When you launch the Documents module, the Document library for your organization is displayed.

To add a new document, click Upload. To search for a document, make your selections from the drop-down menus and click Find. To view all documents, documents owned by your organization, or documents shared with your organization, make your selection from the Owning organization menu.

Depending on the authorization assigned to the user, the View, Share and Delete icons are available to the right of each document. No user can be authorized to share or delete a document that is owned by another organization.

Figure 2. Document library
Document library

Upload document

From your Document library, click Upload to upload a document. On the Upload document page, select a Document category and a Document type. Complete the remaining fields, which will vary depending on your selected Document type:

File - Click Add file to browse for the document PDF or image (PNG, JPEG, or GIF) file. (Note: 20 MB is the maximum size per file, including attachments.)

Properties (optional) - Enter a Document title, Expiration date and Issue date.

Notes (optional) - Enter any informational comments or notes about this document.

Focus (optional) - Identify a Facility ID as the document focus to share a linked document with any organization with access to the facility master data or Trace events for the facility ID.

Upload - At the bottom of the page, click Upload to upload your document to the Document library for your organization. The document will also be enabled for viewing by your selected document sharing organizations.

Figure 3. Upload document
Upload document

View document

To view a document, click the Document type link or the View document icon from your Document library. The selected document will be displayed.

You can Download the document, view the Facility for the document, and view the
organizations that are authorized to view the document.

Figure 4. View document
View document

Share document

To share a document with another organization, click the Share document icon from the Document library page, or click Share from the View document page.

organizations that you have already shared the document with are selected on the left and listed on the right. You can add organizations to share the document with from the list on the left. You can remove any organizations from sharing for the document from the list on the right.

Click Share to explicitly share the document with specific organizations for the first time. Or click Update to add or remove authorization for organizations to view a previously shared document.

Delete document

To delete a document, click the Delete icon from your Document library, or click Delete from the View document page.

A confirmation dialog will be displayed:

Figure 6. Delete document
Delete document

Note: The document will be deleted from the Document library for your organization and from IBM Food Trust. Any organizations that you have shared the document with will no longer be able to view it. Records of all actions taken for this document will remain on IBM Food Trust.