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Java sample

The Java sample (tar file) leverages the Spring Boot framework to programmatically manage the system user authentication process of obtaining an IBM Cloud IAM token and exchanging it for a service ID token. You can use this code to start automating your data uploads to IBM Food Trust™.

With a nominal configuration change, the code (web service) can be deployed and run in your environment. When the service starts, the API key stored in the configuration file is read and the token exchange is executed. When the API is called, the expiration time on the token is checked and automatically renewed if it is expired. The inbound payload is then transmitted to IBM Food Trust and the result is returned.

The service utilizes Spring Boot and Gradle and was built for the following versions:

  • Java 8
  • Gradle 4.2.1
  • Spring Boot 1.5.13.<release>


This code is provided to help you get up and running quickly with authentication and data submission to IBM Food Trust. This code will be maintained for any future authentication changes, but it is not recommended that this code be used "as-is". In an enterprise environment, additional requirements may be dictated by your organization, such as logging, unit tests, health endpoints, statistics and endpoints.


You must configure the service prior to running it, using a file similar to the sample shown below. The service analyzes the value of the iftEnvironment variable; if the value is SANDBOX, the sandbox environment properties are used. In all other cases, the PRODUCTION environment is assumed.

Specifically, you must configure the following variables:

  • The API key and organization ID that were used in the initial token setup steps.
  • The IBM Food Trust environment ("SANDBOX" or "PRODUCTION")

Sample file:


Complete the following steps to configure your system users to automatically obtain and renew authentication tokens:

  1. Download the tar file and extract the contents to a working directory.
  2. cd into the directory
  3. Modify src/main/resource/ (per the instructions above)
  4. Execute gradle wrapper to build the project
  5. Run the jar: java -jar build/libs/IFT_authentication_sample-*.jar
  6. Post an XML payload to localhost:8080 e.g.: bash curl -X POST \ http://localhost:8080 \ -H 'Accept: application/json' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/xml' \ -d '<insert XML text here>'