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Data entitlement mode

IBM Food Trust™ supports data entitlement (data access) specifications for all XML documents uploaded to the network. In conjunction with the data access control policy selected by your organization, specifying an optional data entitlement mode at the document level enables control over sharing your data with other organizations.

The data uploader can specify a data entitlement mode for each XML document at the time of submission, as follows:

Private: The data is only visible to the submitting organization, unless it is shared via explicit grants. (e.g. event data pertaining to an organization’s internal processes, or location master data for private locations.)

Restricted: The data is shared only with the organizations that are explicitly referenced in the XML document. These are typically business transaction partners who are identified in Purchase Order, Despatch Advice (ASN) and Receiving Advice documents.

Linked: The data is shared with all organizations up and down the supply chain for a specific trade item (GTIN). These are typically supply chain events documents, which are shared through a process of cross-referencing data such as Facility IDs and Event IDs.

Default: Applies the default entitlement mode per type of document, as described in Table 1 below.

Attention: Specifying a Data entitlement mode on your data upload API calls supersedes your organization's Data access control policy.

Assigning entitlement mode on data submission

Entitlement mode is specified using the IFT-Entitlement-Mode header in the data submission request. If an entitlement mode is not specified, the default entitlement mode is applied, based on the type of XML document (Table 1):

Table 1. Default entitlement modes

Default entitlement mode Document type
Restricted Purchase Order Transactions
Despatch Advice Transactions (ASN)
Receive Advice Transactions
Linked EPCIS Events
Item Master Data
Location Master Data
Private Payload Data*

Valid entitlement mode headers on data submission

  • Restricted: IFT-Entitlement-Mode: restricted
  • Linked: IFT-Entitlement-Mode: linked
  • Private: IFT-Entitlement-Mode: private

If no IFT-Entitlement-Mode header is provided on data submission, the default mode will be applied based on the XML document type, as described previously in Table 1.

Specifying an invalid entitlement mode value will return the following error message:

  "message": "bad_entitlement_mode_value is not a valid IFT-Entitlement-Mode header value!"