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Cryptographic signatures

To verify document authenticity and chain of custody, IBM Food Trust™ supports cryptographic signatures for all submitted XML. Signing of all XML documents should be done using a supported algorithm (rsa-sha256 or ecdsa-sha256).

For verification of signed data, the submitter must register public keys by submitting a key registration document to IBM Food Trust. The key registration document should itself be signed using the corresponding private key.

Remove contact information fields from XML documents before cryptographic signing, because subsequent modification of data by IBM Food Trust would invalidate the signature provided by the submitter.

Sample public signing key XML

Refer to the following sample public signing key XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ift:publicSigningKey xmlns:ift="urn:ibm:ift:xsd:1">
    <!-- XML message to communicate encoded public signing keys to IBM Food Trust.-->
    <!-- NOTE : Comments for a field appear BELOW the field. -->
    <!--Mandatory: Identifier for this public signing key. Should be unique (within your organization).-->
    <!--Mandatory: Digital signing algorithm that this key should be used with.-->
    <!--Should be either rsa-sha256 or ecdsa-sha256.-->
    <encodedPublicKey>c7be1dd4d4899 ...</encodedPublicKey>
    <!--Mandatory: Encoded public signing key, represented as a base-64 encoded string.-->