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Authenticate human users

IBM Food Trust™ APIs are provided via Swagger. The following links to the APIs point to the IBM Food Trust production zone ( To use the sandbox zone, navigate using

IBM Food Trust APIs:

Attention: To authenticate to the IBM Food Trust APIs as a human user, click the link at the top of the Swagger page. For the Trace API, follow the steps below to authenticate as a human user:

Trace API authentication (Google Chrome)

For the Trace API, human users authenticate as follows:

Open Google Chrome and log in to the UI in the desired IBM Food Trust zone.


Open Chrome Developer Tools and copy the value of the id_token key from local storage.

Local storage

Navigate to Swagger in the same IBM Food Trust zone, and click Authorize. Paste the id_token in the bearerAuth field and click Authorize.


You are now authorized to call the endpoints.