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Assign user roles

IBM Food Trust™ includes defined static roles that grant authorization to account users (by IBMid) to execute certain network tasks on behalf of their organization. Assigning roles enables an Organization administrator to easily control the level of access they provide to each individual user in their organization.

When onboarding new users to IBM Food Trust, an Organization administrator must assign one or more roles to each user. Before assigning roles, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Your organization and your Organization administrator must be onboarded to IBM Food Trust.
  • Each user being onboarded must have a registered IBMid.

Roles and authorization

The IBM Food Trust defined roles and authorization are detailed below (Table 1). Each registered user can be assigned to multiple roles; system IDs are not assigned to roles.

Table 1. IBM Food Trust roles and authorization

User role Authorization Module*
(All registered users) View organization's IBM Food Trust home page Home
Read and download all data uploaded by user's organization Data
Read all data shared with user's organization Trace
Upload data for user's organization Data
View and manage documents Documents
Onboarding team Register products and facilities Onboarding
Build product scenarios Onboarding
Upload product scenario data Onboarding
Select or change organization Data access control policy Onboarding
Organization administrator Create and modify users and system IDs Users
Assign and modify user roles Users
View organization's IBM Food Trust usage Activity

* Subscriptions required for optional modules

Add or modify role assignments

An Organization administrator can add or modify user role assignments:

  1. Log in to IBM Food Trust as an Organization administrator.
  2. Select the Users module.
  3. Select the Account users tab.
  4. To add roles for a new user, select the new user icon. Add the user and select the roles to assign.
  5. To modify roles assigned to a user, select a user and click the edit icon. Select the roles to assign.
  6. System IDs are not assigned roles in IBM Food Trust.